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Shuffle RUFFles

The Innovative, Interchangeable
Wardrobe System
for Pampered Pets

At Shuffle RUFFles we have everything you need to customize a wardrobe that shows your pet's personality!

RUFFles, bodices, belts and accessories that are interchangeable with each other to build a WARDROBE that lasts!

If you are an experienced Collector, head over to see our RUFFles,  Accessories and Foundations.

If you are new here...

Let's get your Shuffle RuFFles Collection Started!

Start by watching this video, then read on so I can help you with the first step!

With good Foundations,
You'll have endless options!

Every one of your pet's Shuffle RUFFles creations MUST begin with the proper FOUNDATION.

Shop Foundations  

This includes, at minimum, a bodice and a belt.  You can purchase bodices and belts separately!  If you are just starting your collection I suggest a denim bodice.  Denim goes with everything!


Each Day is a Page in YOUR Fashion Story

Make it memorable!  Choose a feature RUFFle or RUFFle/Bow Set and coordinating RUFFle that matches your mood or occasion!  

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Heart Swell.png

Accessories Make Everything Better!

Confidence is the best accessory, but sometimes the perfect Bow or well placed Hair Clip is all it takes to elevate both your outfit and attitude!

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