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Shuffle RUFFles 

SR Model Team



If you have not done so already, please checkout our website for a video on how our system works VIDEO   

Please ask any questions.  DM in Instagram @shuffleruffles

What we offer our Models

*25% off  your

Original Shuffle RUFFles regular price purchases.

Does not include sister brand, SR Black Label or Custom orders.

*15% off code to share with friends and followers.

*You can gain an entry for a monthly drawing for the following activities:

*When a follower purchases using your follower code.  

*When you have posted in all #ShuffleRUFFlesSunday events for the month in a different combination of your Collection pieces. 

Original Shuffle RUFFles, SR Black Label or custom.  

*Create and post a Reel detailing how our Innovative Interchangeable Wardrobe System works and why your followers should start their Collection! 

Prize Items are designer's choice and will be shipped with your next order

What we ask of our Representatives

**Instagram Account needs to be open to the public and a pet account.

​**Account must follow all Instagram policies and community guidelines found at

​**Shufflers should  have fun building a Collection of Shuffle RUFFles pieces to showcase the versatility of our Wardrobe System. Check the prices on our website to be sure the system fits your budget.

​**New RUFFle Collectors will need to purchase minimum 1 Bodice, 1 Belt, within 3 days of selection to get started.

Having the right fit is crucial and after you receive your first bodice and belt you can see if any adjustments need to be made on future purchases.

Please note that under normal conditions it may take up to 14-21 days to create your order for shipping.

During New Collections and Holidays the time could be longer. 

​**Post at least 3 times per month on your grid/feed to showcase a shuffle of the RUFFles and accessories you have chosen from Try to include current season as much as possible mixed and matched with your Collection!  You are welcome and encouraged to post in your RUFFles along with other designer pieces from your wardrobe any time, but be sure that a different shuffle of your RUFFles and Accessories from Shuffle RUFFles (you may include jewelry from any designer) are the FEATURE of at least 3 posts. 

*Participate in #ShuffleRUFFlesSunday

*Participate in Twinings as able

** Share about new releases, new products, giveaways etc. in your stories.

​**Clean, high quality, clear pictures must be sent within 7 days of receipt to the SR PICTURES chat. No writing or stickers.  Nothing explicit or profane.  Your pups pictures may be displayed on our social media and website, make sure you are ok with this before applying!


To be considered to be featured Shuffle RUFFles items should be the focus. Jewelry may be worn as an accent.  I prefer a light natural backdrop or outdoor background for our feed and these photos will be considered first.

​**Participate in our Official Chat.  Signal when you have posted in RUFFles so that our team can support each other with likes, comments, saves, and shares.


**Conduct all Instagram interactions with kindness.  No bullying or vulgarity will be tolerated.



To enter the Shuffler Search:
*Follow @shuffleruffles, @SR_Black.Label, @my.matilda.j

*Like, save and share the post

Cats & Dogs within our size ranges are welcome to apply! 


*Fill out Application below on desktop, or use this LINK if on mobile.

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